Information Technology is an important tool for development of different areas of knowledge economy. India is emerging as a global player in the field of Information Technology. There has been a steady rise of software and IT sector in India since 1990’s. As the IT industry is expanding rapidly, manpower requirement is growing exponentially. In order to develop manpower for different areas of the knowledge economy, education and training of information technology is a core prerequisite. The Central Government has established five IIITs at Allahabad, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Kancheepuram and Kurnool. These institutions are meant to provide undergraduate, postgraduate as well as Ph.D education. The IIIT at Gwalior is for IT in Management. The IIITs at Jabalpur, Kancheepuram and Kurnool are for IT in Design as well as Manufacturing. Under the 11th Five Year Plan 20 more IIITs have been established in the country in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode. IIIT Sonepat is one the IIITs established under the PPP mode. The institution was later declared as Institution of National Importance under an act of Parliament. We are committed to infusing education with industry needed skills, along with an emphasis to integrate culture of innovation in behaviour of our graduating students.